Ottawa Light Rail Project Now Really Visible

By admin | Ontario

Nov 06
OC Transpo Report Photo

OC Transpo Report Photo

The casual resident or visitor to Ottawa will no doubt note the catenary now visible at several locations of the Ottawa Light Rail Transit system under construction. The photo to the left is from the access to Belfast Yard, the shops and maintenance facilities where actual rolling stock is being assembled. This location is closer to the Eastern section of the system. But if you happen to come into town along highway 174 from the East, you will also note, just before the merge and arrival of the St Laurent Shopping Center, the Blair Street station which is the Easternmost end of the 13.5-kilometer line. There you will also see overhead wiring installed and ready for test runs as rolling stock comes off assembly.

While construction has been under way for more than two years now, the work was not highly visible to a casual observer, unless you were inconvenienced by down-town construction locations. But who can miss the poles and wires of the catenary system, a proud symbol of what we are about to get by the spring of 2018.

While about 3.5 kilometers of the system will be underground, physical evidence of the trackage and electric lines will be seen prominently above gound close to Ottawa University, which will also have the last stop, coming from the East, before descending into the underground section of 3.5 kilometers housing the three underground stations of the system.

Submitted by Ben Novak, Transport  Action