Welcome to Transport Action

Transport Action Canada, founded as Transport 2000 Canada in 1977, is the nation’s leading citizen transportation advocacy group. While our name has been updated, our mission remains the same: to seek sound public transportation policies, practices and services, especially modernized, intercity passenger rail and urban transit, which improve the quality of life for all Canadians.

2017 Annual General Meeting of Transport Action Canada

New date: Saturday, May 27th, 11:00 AM

Location: Centre for Social Innovation, Think Tank Room
215 Spadina Ave., 4th Floor
between Queen W. & Dundas

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Rail advocates outraged by Garneau announcement

“With climate change on everyone’s mind, and transportation causing a huge percentage of greenhouse gas emissions, smart solutions are needed,” says the public transportation advocacy group’s president Bruce Budd. “And the smartest solution of all is the rail network we already have. Except for a brief passing reference to a feasibility study of high frequency rail service linking Toronto to Ottawa and Montreal, why has Minister Garneau virtually ignored VIA Rail Canada in his 2030 Vision?”

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Gaspésie Railway Reps to meet with Minister of Transport

According to Radio Gaspésie, representatives of the Gaspésie Railway, the MNAs for Bonaventure and for Gaspé will soon meet the Minister of Transport (Québec) to convince him to fund the return of the (passenger) train to their line. The track has to be upgraded to passenger train standards according to VIA Rail which has stated it will restart the “Chaleur” train if the track is upgraded.

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State of play regarding Lac-Mégantic’s quest for justice and for safety of oil transported by rail

It has been more than three years since the Lac-Mégantic rail disaster, which killed 47 people; left 27 children orphaned; spilled six million litres of crude oil, poisoning the land and waterways; destroyed the town centre; and traumatized a community – trauma that continues to afflict its residents. Combining lives lost, environmental damage and physical destruction the July 6, 2013 Lac–Mégantic rail disaster is – outside of wartime – without precedent in modern Canadian history.

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Positive Train Control

There has been a lot of talk on Positive Train Control, PTC, lately, especially with the New Jersey Transit, NJT, in Hoboken recently. Exactly what is PTC, why did it come in to being and what will it do? Positive train control (PTC) is a system of functional requirements for monitoring and controlling train movements as an attempt to provide increased safety. The American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA) describes Positive Train Control as having these primary characteristics:[1]

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Update on Funding Gaps for Rapid and Conventional Transit in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area

(Backgrounder) Update on Funding Gaps for Rapid and Conventional Transit in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area Update on Funding Gaps for Rapid and Conventional Transit in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area Source:...
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BC Update – 2017-09-09

=============================================================================== BC’s new NDP government cancelled bridge tolls on TransLink’s Golden Ears and the province’s Port Mann bridges, as promised in the recent election campaign. Member Stephen Rees wrote an...
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Extra trains for the Holidays once again

The Maritimes will be seeing extra passenger trains for the Christmas holiday season once again this year. It might seem early to be thinking about Christmas, but VIA is clearly trying to make sure that people have extra options when they look to book their Christmas...
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A New Proposal to Rehabilitate the Ocean

“VIA Rail’s Ocean is dying.” So begins the report recently completed by transportation consultant and advocate Greg Gormick for the advocacy group Save Our Trains in Northern New Brunswick. The new report is titled “Riding the Ocean’s Next Wave: A proposal for VIA...
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Province to support keeping Cape Breton rail line in place

  The Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia (CBNS) Railway has reached a deal with the Province of Nova Scotia to keep its rail line through Cape Breton in place for at least another year. The province will pay CBNS up to $60,000 per month to cover valid expenses,...
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Is the Burnside Connector project a good idea?

The province of Nova Scotia announced earlier this year that it will construct a new 4-lane highway between Burnside, the largely industrial park area on the northwest edge of Dartmouth, and Bedford. The goal of this project is to provide a more rapid traffic flow...
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Province of NB announces funding for RuralLynx bus service!

After five years of hard work by the Southwest New Brunswick Transit Authority (SWNBTA), a twice daily bus service from southern Charlotte County to Saint John is finally posed to become a reality.  On Thursday, the province of New Brunswick announced a $500,000...
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TAO questions Ontario’s high-speed rail proposal, calls for replacement by a high-performance rail plan

TAO questions Ontario’s high-speed rail proposal, calls for replacement by a high-performance rail plan Will the Government of Ontario’s wildly optimistic predictions about the benefits of high-speed rail (HSR) actually materialize? The odds are they will not – and...
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Transport Action Ontario rejects high-speed political vanity project, calls for high-performance rail plan

TORONTO – In a hard-hitting policy statement, the transportation advocacy group, Transport Action Ontario (TAO), calls for the rejection of the provincial government’s high-speed rail (HSR) proposal and its replacement with a more practical, high-performance rail...
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Next Meeting – June 27, 2017

Transport Action BC (http://bc.transportaction.ca/) Regular Meeting Agenda: 27 June 2017 (Tuesday) 19:00 Waves Coffee Shop Meeting Room 100-900 Howe St (at Smithe St), Vancouver A. Membership and Finances (19:00) 1) Approval of 24 May 2017 meeting minutes. 2) Expense...
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