Welcome to Transport Action Canada!

Transport Action Canada, founded as Transport 2000 Canada in 1977, is the nation’s leading citizen transportation advocacy group. We represent the interests of consumers or users of public transport services in Canada. Here are some of the main issues that our advocacy work revolves around:

  • the development of rail passenger services in Canada; 
  • the future of inter-city bus services and their connectivity to rail and air services; 
  • urban and commuter transit systems; 
  • the implications to consumers of the deregulated airline industry in Canada; 
  • the impact on the public interest of demands for new highway spending 

We're here for you. Really.

We exist to advocate on your behalf so that the decision makers follow through on what they promised to YOU.. That new bus stop. That construction being complete. More bus or train times... So on. And we'd love to keep you in the loop.

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National Day of Action for Transit on May 28th

Essential workers — nurses, doctors, cleaners, grocery store staff and many more — rely on transit to get to work, and public transit across Canada has kept running, often with rear-door boarding and no fares to protect drivers, throughout the Covid-19 crisis. Now public transit systems across Canada are facing service cuts and driver layoffs,

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Long-distance trains and motor coaches are essential services

On May 6th, 2020, VIA Rail announced that the suspension of the Ocean and Canadian trains due to the coronavirus crisis would be extended until November 1st. With uncertainty as to when both interprovincial and international travel will resume, let alone when leisure travel will return to pre-coronavirus levels, VIA Rail’s move provides a level

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Vancouver Island Railway Assessment Published

British Columbia’s Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (MoTI) released a detailed assessment of the Vancouver Island rail corridor, prepared by WSP Canada, on April 28, 2020. The report sets out a “commuter” option between Langford and Victoria, plus “intermediate” (up to four daily passenger trains) and “ultimate” options for restoring service between Victoria and Courtenay.

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Ocean Faces Triple Jeopardy

The Ocean train serving the Maritimes is facing multiple threats to its successful continued operation, and its ability to continue serving the public transportation needs of Canadians in the Maritimes and those who want to visit the Maritimes. The Ocean has served the region for more the 115 years, and not so long ago, one

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O-Train Under a Cloud

Ottawa’s new Confederation Line LRT began service on 14 September 2019 and the bus transitway service through downtown ended on October 4th. Since then the system has been plagued with problems, with major delays every few days, some lasting up to 15 hours while dead trains are dealt with and removed, or infrastructure is repaired.

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30 Years of Isolation

On January 15, 1990, sweeping cuts to passenger rail across Canada came into effect. We all remember the loss of iconic long-distance trains like the Atlantic through St. John, and the Canadian on its southern route through Thunder Bay, Regina, Calgary and Banff. Peterborough, Ontario lost its connection to Toronto, and countless smaller communities like

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