Welcome to Transport Action Canada!

Transport Action Canada, founded as Transport 2000 Canada in 1977, is the nation’s leading citizen transportation advocacy group. We represent the interests of consumers or users of public transport services in Canada. Here are some of the main issues that our advocacy work revolves around:

  • the development of rail passenger services in Canada; 
  • the future of inter-city bus services and their connectivity to rail and air services; 
  • urban and commuter transit systems; 
  • the implications to consumers of the deregulated airline industry in Canada; 
  • the impact on the public interest of demands for new highway spending 

We're here for you. Really.

We exist to advocate on your behalf so that the decision makers follow through on what they promised to YOU.. That new bus stop. That construction being complete. More bus or train times... So on. And we'd love to keep you in the loop.

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Ontario announces SW Ontario Transportation Task Force

Following up on Connecting the Southwest: A Draft Transportation Plan for Southwestern Ontario launched in January 2020, the province of Ontario has now convened a committee of regional municipal and indigenous leaders to work on details of implementation. Establishing a Southwest Task Force was one of more than 40 recommendations set out in the draft

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Rail freight growing in Québec

Story by Harry Gow. Photograph by Anthony Benard Prince The rail mode for freight is making gains in Québec. The Chemin de Fer de la Gaspésie is seeing work going on simultaneously on three bridges, with one already in place before the start of December. Following flood damage to the two existing railroad bridges over the Cascapédia River

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VIA’s Corporate Plan pleads for new equipment

The British-built Renaissance equipment is in most urgent need of replacement, but VIA Rail’s latest Corporate Plan finally acknowledges that the 70-year-old Budd stainless steel cars are now also reaching the end of their useful life.

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Winnipeg envisions transit hub at Union Station

Winnipeg’s Transit Master Plan has entered the third and final phase of public engagement. The city has shared their plans for the future of rapid transit in the city for the next 25 years, and is soliciting public feedback via Zoom meetings and other online interactions. The project began in December 2018 and has proceeded

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TSB releases report on Newcastle Sub VIA derailment

The consequences easily could have been much more serious for passengers and crew aboard VIA train 14 on the early afternoon of April 4, 2019.  The 14-car eastbound Ocean was proceeding towards Moncton at the permissible track speed of 60 miles per hour when the last two cars went on the ground because of a

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Gaspé Railway Reopening Progress

After facing bankruptcy in 2014 as a result of declining freight traffic, the Gaspé railway is fast becoming a turnaround success story for shortline railroading in Canada, supporting new industries in the Gaspésie. Several new bridges have been built, and the whole route is expected to be completely reopened by 2024.

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