Report on Via 1-4-10 Plan
Transport Action Canada’s report on the Via 1-4-10 Plan is now available here.
No Little Plan: Electrifying GO Transit
TRANSPORT ACTION CANADA and the CLEAN TRAIN COALITION have jointly released a rail electrification report for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA). The report, entitled No Little Plan: Electrifying GO Transit, is written by Greg Gormick, a leading rail transportation and transit consultant and journalist. The report was jointly funded by the John McCullum fund of Transport Action Canada, and by the Canadian Auto Workers. It was commissioned to encourage the Government of Ontario to commit fully and promptly to a regional electric rail plan. See the full press release (16 May 2011). PDF versions of No Little Plan are available as follows – some of these files are large, please review the options and file sizes available before starting to download: Complete report, high-resolution (LARGE FILE, 38.7 MB, PDF) High-resolution report, as a 4-part download (when combined, will represent the complete report): Part1 (9,6 MB, PDF) Part2 (11.6 MB, PDF) Part3 (11.3 MB, PDF) Part4 (11.2 MB, PDF) Low-resolution version: Complete report (Low-resolution, 7.7MB, PDF) Executive Summary: Executive Summary only (3.0 MB, PDF)
GTHA Regional Rapid Rail: A Vision for the Future

GTHA Regional Rapid Rail:  A Vision for the Future


By Karl Junkin.  Prepared for Transport Action Ontario.


“With regard to the Regional Rapid Rail study and report, I was pleased to be one of several reviewers. I remain mightily impressed by the sheer volume of material covered and by the technical thoroughness displayed. This undertaking deals with the expansion and revitalization of the entire GO Transit (rail) network, and with its potential for shaping the Toronto-Hamilton region in the long term.

“I take pleasure in congratulating the prime author, Karl Junkin, and endorse the report’s general findings and proposals, which are all worthy of careful consideration. The report was prepared on the basis of full disclosure of how the base data were sourced and applied, and in my opinion puts forward numerous bold yet realistic measures, many of which complement the much needed expansion of the Toronto Transit Commission’s central city network.” Edward J. Levy, P.Eng.

Below is the link to download the Regional Rapid Rail report.  It is strongly recommended that when using the link below, you right-clicked on and “Save As…” selected, to store on and be viewed from a disk local to the machine displaying the report.  If the report is to be printed, note that the report is formatted for double-sided landscape printing, and that print configurations should be set to flip on the short-edge (long-edge is typically the default setting).