Founded as Transport 2000 Canada in 1977, we are a non-profit, consumer-based organization that promotes sustainable transport through advocacy and education. It is concerned with all modes of public transport, such as passenger train service, aviation including air safety, and urban transit. Our association functions as a citizen-based advocacy group, compared to transport industry based bodies such as the Railway Association of Canada or the Canadian Urban Transit Association. We regularly communicate with government and industry officials–such as Transport Canada and elected officials of all government levels–to promote and advocate for sustainable transport views. Canadian news media agencies frequently interview our officials on transportation matters.

What do we represent for consumers?

We represents the interests of consumers or users of public transport services in Canada and is involved with a variety of transport issues including: 

  • the development of rail passenger services in Canada; 
  • the future of inter-city bus services and their connectivity to rail and air services;
  • urban and commuter transit systems;
  • the implications to consumers of the deregulated airline industry in Canada;
  • the role of marine and coastal services;
  • the effects of and alternatives to rail branch line abandonments;
  • the role of government regulation in all public transportation;
  • the impact on the public interest of demands for new highway spending;
  • the safety of passenger and freight rail, air and other public carriers;
  • the promotion of intermodal links to improve the accessibility and cost-efficiency of public transport.

What is our philosophy towards transportation?

We believe that transportation is more than just a means of moving goods and people, measured only by profits or political benefits. Transportation is a tool to protect the environment, conserve energy, diminish land pressures, curtail the growth of road and highway spending and promote economic growth. Public transportation impacts our land use, economic development and quality of life. It also determines accessibility to housing, education, health services, employment and leisure. Some groups are affected more than others by the availability and quality of public transportation: youth, the disabled, seniors, the poor, the unemployed, and those who live in rural and remote areas. Simply put: Accessible and well-developed transportation system in all regions will lead to a better quality of life for all Canadians. That is our philosophy. It is what we have been advocating for the last 40+ years, and it is what will keep us continuing what we do.

How can someone get involved in the organization? 

Whether you are someone who is not quite aware of issues around transportation, or someone who has a very clear position and with ideas on how to better public transportation system, the best way to get involved in the organization is to become a member.

Membership of Transport Action Canada is open to everyone and includes passengers and consumers from across Canada. By becoming a member of the organization, the key benefits you can expect to receive are: 

  • Various opportunities to share your ideas, voices and concerns related to any of transport issues that we advocate for (ex. development of rail passenger services, urban and commuter transit systems, inter-city bus services, air passenger safety etc)
  • We not only reference back to our members’ feedback in directing our research and publication efforts– but we also reference them through our meetings with key decision makers (ex. stakeholders, elected officials) to ensure that our advocacy efforts and suggested plan of action directly reflects interests of all Canadians. 
  • Regular correspondences (emails, reports etc) that will brief you on any important issues related to transportation, so that you have an idea of how these issues will impact your life (and plan around it) 
  • Our publications are often referenced as a source by news agencies, key decision makers and students.
  • Internally advertised opportunities to get further involved in the organization 

Becoming a member is simple. When you click a button below, you will be directed to a membership registration form that you’ll need to fill out. Once you complete the form, you will receive a donation receipt (which can also be used for tax purposes) and start receiving our regular correspondences.

Please note: Indicating your province or territory of residence automatically registers you as a member in your regional association, except in Québec