About Transport Action

Transport Action believes that transportation is more than just a means of moving goods and people, measured only by profits or political benefits. Transport Action believes that public transportation impacts on land use, economic development and the quality of life. Transportation is a tool to protect the environment, conserve energy, diminish land pressures, curtail the growth of road and highway spending and promote economic growth.

Transportation also determines accessibility to housing, education, health services, employment and leisure. Some groups are affected more than others by the availability and quality of public transportation: youth, the disabled, seniors, the poor, the unemployed, and those who live in rural and remote areas. Transport Action represents the interests of consumers or users of public transport services in Canada and is involved with a variety of transport issues including: 

  • the development of rail passenger services in Canada; 
  • the future of inter-city bus services and their connectivity to rail and air services; 
  • urban and commuter transit systems; 
  • the implications to consumers of the deregulated airline industry in Canada; 
  • the role of marine and coastal services; 
  • the effects of and alternatives to rail branch line abandonments; 
  • the role of government regulation in all public transportation; 
  • the impact on the public interest of demands for new highway spending; 
  • the safety of passenger and freight rail, air and other public carriers; 
  • the promotion of intermodal links to improve the accessibility and cost-efficiency of public transport.