Celebrate World Sustainable Transport Day

By Transport Action | National News

Nov 26
VIA 606, the eastbound Abitibi, follows the shore of Lake Masketsi. Photo by Julien Boiley

Whether we are exploring urban neighbourhoods, getting to work, visiting family and friends, or making a trip across the country, choosing sustainable modes of transportation, where they’re available, is better for our health and one of the most impactful things we can do to look after our environment.

Transport Action Canada campaigns to ensure that sustainable public transportation is available, reliable, and dependable for all communities across Canada. We are therefore delighted to join public transport advocacy groups around the globe in celebrating the first ever World Sustainable Transport Day on November 26, 2023.

Please take a moment to send a message to your Member of Parliament and provincial politicians to let them know what sustainable transport means to you and your community, and to ask them to choose to invest wisely in sustainable transportation to connect and strengthen our communities and neighbourhoods. The link below will automatically direct your letter to the correct elected representatives for your address, and includes some suggestions for messages:

You can also help us sustain our campaigns for better bike, bus, tram, ferry, and train service and infrastructure year-round by setting up an automatic monthly donation. If it is possible for you, a regular contribution of $5 or more a month will help us plan our research and advocacy campaigns, plus it ensures your membership will always be automatically renewed.

When you make a donation to Transport Action Canada, you’ll also get a tax receipt issued immediately by CanadaHelps. You can claim tax refunds of up to up to 53% of your charitable donations for the year depending on your federal and provincial tax rates.

Photo: VIA 606, the eastbound Abitibi, follows the shore of Lake Masketsi, by Julien Boiley via Flickr  

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