Transport Action Canada’s Submission to Budget 2024

By Transport Action | Letters

Jan 15

Transport Action Canada made a written submission to the federal budget consultation for the 2024 federal budget.

Seven key recommendations were made:

1. Provide VIA Rail Canada with at least $1.5bn capital funding over ten
years to completely renew Canada’s long‐distance train fleet, including
providing barrier‐free accessible cabins on all overnight trains.

2. Provide funding to address issues raised by First Nations on Vancouver
Island and for track repairs to restore the Vancouver Island Railway to
operable condition for regional passenger and freight service.

3. Provide VIA Rail Canada with stable operating funding of $400 million
annually for five years.

4. Extend zero‐rating for GST to all train and motorcoach fares so that rural
and northern residents have the same tax treatment for public transport
as residents in urban centres.

5. Create a Strategic Rail Infrastructure Fund under the Investing in Canada
program and in conjunction with the Canada Infrastructure Bank with an
allocation of up to $5 billion annually.

6. Reinstate remote passenger rail service funding in the Algoma region of
$2.2 million annually to implement the Mask‐wa Oo‐ta‐ban initiative led
by the Missanabie Cree First Nation.

7. Provide permanent funding for transit and commuter rail operating costs.

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