VIA 1-4-10 Plan: A Recovery Strategy for Canada’s Rail Passenger Service – Updated

By admin | National News

Jan 30

Transport Action Canada and its regional associations  are pleased to release our nation-wide blueprint for the revival of VIA Rail Canada.  It demonstrates how the new federal government can turn VIA around and make it a modern, more frequent and highly useful public transportation service at a reasonable cost over a period of 10 years.  The plan also outlines how improvements can be made to a number of VIA services – including Southwestern Ontario and on the North Main Line – within one year.


The report can be viewed here:

VIA 1-4-10 Plan


We have also produced a two-page infographic summarizing the report and its recommendations for the Windsor-Quebec corridor.  These can be viewed here:

VIA 1-4-10 Infographic page1

VIA 1-4-10 Infographic page2