Jan 25

Benefits of Intercity Passenger Rail in Climate Change Strategies

By TAO-admin | Interurban Rail and Bus , Ontario

Transportation has been the most challenging sector in Ontario for reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  A paper by Transport Action Ontario shows that GHG emissions from diesel-based intercity passenger rail travel in Canada are about 2 to 3 times lower per passenger-km than emissions from equivalent travel by car or personal truck.  Intercity passenger rail […]

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Dec 18

SkyTrain Expo Line Station Upgrade Project – 1

By Rick | British Columbia

TransLink is upgrading several Expo Line SkyTrain stations. The upgrades are needed due to the age (some are almost 30 years old) of the stations and to improve passenger flow, accessibility, capacity and security. This is a large, multi-year project. Details are found here. The second phase of public consultation for Joyce-Collingwood and Metrotown Stations was recently completed. […]

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